Residential Structural Inspections

Home Energy Inspection Services

Johnson Environmental LLC offers a wide range of residential home energy inspection services to homeowners and builders. We perform site inspections before placement, foundation pouring, frame construction, and final quality assurance for code compliance, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and cosmetics. We employ highly qualified and experienced inspectors to conduct our home energy inspection services. 

Our Home Energy Inspection Services

  • Pier Inspection
  • Site Preparation
  • Plumbing Rough
  • Sub Surface Drainage
  • Pre-Placement Inspection
  • Deep Beam Pre-Placement
  • Footer Pre-Placement
  • Stem Wall Pre-Placement
  • Placement Inspection
  • Deep Beam Placement
  • Footer Placement
  • Stem Wall Placement
  • Elongation Inspection
  • Frame – Subfloor Only
  • Blocking Inspection
  • Shear Wall Inspection
  • Clip & Strap
  • Frame – Structural
  • Mechanical Only
  • Electrical Only
  • Sheathing Inspection
  • Drainage Plane Inspection
  • Frame.NET
  • Insulation Inspection
  • IECC Code Certification Services
  • HERS Certification Services
  • Energy Star Certification Services
  • WaterSense/HERS H2O Certification Services
  • Stucco Inspection
  • Drywall Inspection
  • Flatwork Inspection
  • Comfort/Building Science Forensic
  • Energy Final
  • Green Final
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Advanced Testing
  • Final Quality Assurance
  • CSI Inspection
  • Bank Draw Inspection
  • Forensic Structural Inspection

Pier Inspections

Inspecting piers both before and after placement can be done on the same day. The soil report documentation specifies the size, diameter, and depth of the holes being drilled, as well as the makeup of the rebar that is being used. We also inspect the concrete that is being poured into the piers during our inspection.

Site Preparation Inspection

As part of our site preparation inspection, we determine if the foundation site work has been completed and prepared according to the engineering specifications of the original foundation plan. A report detailing possible work needed to ensure structural integrity is provided to the site builder after our home energy inspection team verifies if proper drainage is implemented for the entire section.

Plumbing Rough

We inspect and review the PVC piping that plumbers install inside and under the slab during our plumbing inspection. A pipe inspection ensures that the slope of the pipes is correct and the fittings are correctly connected. This inspection is sometimes performed with water in the pipes to ensure that no leaks are present before foundation dirt is laid.

Sub Surface Drainage

As part of our home energy inspection services, this service inspects French drain installations that are either part of a walkout basement construction or a French drain installed in the backyard to drain water.

Pre-Placement Inspection

During the home energy inspection, a pre-placement inspection is typically the first we perform for a builder, ensuring the slabs are constructed in accordance with our foundation engineering. Among the things we inspect are strand orientation, beam depth, strand count, rebar, and chair spacing.

Footer Pre-Placement

The inspection covers the lower parts of the double or triple pour systems, as well as the makeup of the rebar and extensions of the rebar or anchoring system.

Placement Inspection

This inspection ensures each truck within the foundation system is accurate and in the correct place. Inspectors ensure that foundation labor companies or turn-key companies use the correct amount of water. This inspection ensures our foundation will be structurally sound for many years to come and is the most important inspection during the foundation stages.

Blocking Inspection

The blocking inspection done through our home energy inspection services concentrates on air infiltration floor blocking and chase fire blocking in a frame-only system. It is essential to perform this inspection as a consultative one to ensure that construction can proceed. In addition to retaining your framer, items inspected during this inspection can be reinspected during the frame.NET stage.

Structural Frame Inspection

As the first part of a 2-stage frame.NET consulting inspection, this inspection covers per-plan construction, nailing patterns to ensure wall brace compliance, sheathing, and air/fire blocking. As electrical, mechanical, and Frame.NET covers plumbing callouts, this inspection does not include them.

Clip & Strap Inspection 

Checking clips & straps for wind speed callouts on all products outside the TDI windstorm certification area. As part of our comprehensive home energy inspection services, the wind speed test is conducted to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of the building. 

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